city 1

It was my dads 50th birthday the other day. He’s normally a very hard person to shop for but for some reason this year was the easiest it has ever been. We ventured down into the mens department of David Jones in the city and left a little while later with a thick dark grey Country Road scarf (~ $60) and an ink blue corduroy Sportscraft button up shirt (~$120), both items happened to be on sale which was a huge bonus. I think we were subconsciously inspired by the sales assistants down there, they are impeccably dressed. It’s actually insane, like Chuck and Nate in the early episodes of Gossip Girl – only more slick.

It was a really nice, chilly day to be out, the city was busy but not packed and for once we’d all managed to coordinate our schedules. I wore my Zara culottes ($40) and a black turtleneck and semi-heeled leather boots, and while Pema was grabbing a coffee we took a snap in this cool hidden alleyway.


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