I’m back!

I’m writing this post bleary-eyed at a library desk, feeling pretty groggy from an early morning lecture. I want to write it now though, because I need to get back to it if I’m ever going to write anything, and also because I don’t want to start my law readings yet.

Apologies for my absence, but I’ve been reorganising myself and my routine. I’ve shifted my habits around work, study, classes, exercise, food, friends and relaxation, and in the short space of time that I’ve been working on this, I’ve felt a big improvement in myself and my life! I’m less sluggish, more regulated and more motivated.

For so long I felt like I needed to do something to reboot myself and get my priorities in order but I didn’t have the motivation. The thing that finally made the difference was finding a source of inspiration. I’ve drawn this from vloggers & bloggers, podcasts and also from my own expectations of myself. To avoid an extremely long post right now and an overloaded yet compromised explanation of what I’ve been doing with all of this, I’m going to lay it out over a series of future posts so stay tuned if you wanna hear me talk about myself!!



P.s. I promise I’ll add some photographs to future posts so that you don’t have to wade through my writing without the relief of some visual candy



Ask anybody, and they’ll say that when something is stressful, a hundred more stressful things pop up at the same time. This is almost always the case for me. At the moment all of my assignments are coming up, I have seemingly constant emails and things to sort out, I’m working every night trying to save money for my trip and at the same time I seem to have the most expenses I’ve ever had, it’s not ideal.

I’m a pretty calm person as long as I’m in control but as soon as I lose that, shit hits the fan and I don’t even want to be around me. Apparently exercise is an outlet for stress but running is not something I’ve ever felt like putting myself through. What does work for me is a (surface) life cleanse.

How To

First things first, tidy your bed! It’s like with anything, if you can’t see yourself making progress, where is the incentive to keep going. Plus, when you feel like the piles of clean-dirty clothes and mouldy tea mugs (me) are overwhelming, just look at your nice clean bed. :’)

Change your sheets, the cover, your pillowcases and make sure they compliment each other. Picture it now: clean, fresh bedding. Evenly thrown with cleared bedside tables (yeah, clear those now).

Next step, sit on your bed (you can re-make that spot later). Pick up all the clothes from the floor next to your bed. Fold them, sort them and actually PUT THEM AWAY. Don’t do what I do and just leave them on your bed in piles until you get into it later and they all fall off.

Now you have a tidy bed AND floor, don’t stop. Clear your desk because this is crucial to any sort of productive mood. Take all those crusty bowls to the kitchen sink (to deal with later obv) and re-stack all the loose bits of paper on the side of the desk. You can put a neat book on top to make yourself feel better ( I did say surface cleanse).

Do the same thing with your chest-of-drawers, clothes rail and shoe pile. Now is not the time to start a total clean out of your wardrobe so don’t even think about it.

Now look around! Don’t you feel so much better? Light some atmospheric lamps and a scented candle, lie on your bed listening to nature sounds for an hour – and then write a comprehensive to-do list and get on with your life.



New food

Sometimes I think I’m so fickle. This manifests itself in different ways, but one way that it happens in my day to day life is where I tend to get really obsessed with an interest for a while and then one day I’ll just be totally into something else. As we can probably all see, a few months ago it was shopping. Buying things is such an addictive high and I could never stop at one purchase. It’s quite a good thing that lately I’ve moved on to something more financially feasible.

I’ve always really loved recipes and food. Eating it, reading about it, making it and watching other people make it. I will watch Nigella episodes for hours on end, I’m a loyal Masterchef viewer, Jamie Oliver’s foodtube, Heston’s feasts, fishing shows and ANYTHING with a christmas special. Baking used to be my thing, but that is just not a sustainable hobby – people are only willing to eat so many jam and cream scones.

Over the last few years though, and particularly since I’ve moved out and have been buying my own groceries and making my own meals, I’ve become fascinated by the flavour combinations of real food. And when I say ‘real food’, I mostly mean fresh ingredients, spices, whole grains, proteins, nuts & seeds etc. Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT a purist or a health fiend. I eat my fair share of chocolate, I still make cakes, my favourite food is probably lasagne and I definitely don’t lead a completely clean diet, I mean I work in a burger restaurant for Gods sake.

That said, I do maintain a pretty healthy diet and I know a bit about nutrition. I’m good at knocking up a meal from the sparse groceries that are usually in my house and people appear to like the food I cook. I’ve been looking into a concept I’ve been seeing a lot among health and fitness Youtubers this year; ‘Macrobiotic’, ‘Happy’ or ‘Buddha’ bowls. These bowls can be substantial meals and are designed to supply you with the food groups and nutrients that your body needs in a way that is proportionally correct. The ratio goes:

Leafy greans/root veg – 40-60%

Wholegrains – 20-30%

Proteins, sea veg, beans – 5-10%

(+ something fermented for gut health. e.g., sauerkraut or sugar free kimchi)

The great thing about these bowls is that they don’t have to be bland and flavourless and you have pretty much endless options for flavour combinations. I have designed a few that I intend to try out but this post is already so long that I think I’ll make another to tell you about them. I’ll leave you with some photos of the bowl I made for work tonight (to tempt me away from the hot chips…) it was honestly delicious! Even my cheese-loving sister said so.





Last Thursday night Pema and I drank a few glasses of wine and took a swift uber to the Charles Hotel in North Perth. A friend of ours was performing in the Fresh Faced Follies Grad show with Sugar Blue Burlesque. The first burlesque show I’ve ever seen!

Islish* was really amazing in the slinky rendition of pink panther, I saw a whole new side of her (ha ha). Actually, all of the dancers were great and the MC was hilarious, successfully winding up the rowdy crowd. Such a fun night and on the train home we ran into my friend Will! Fuun.

I thought a fur coat would be appropriate for the occasion, this subtly striped number belongs to my housemate, she got it from an op shop a few years ago. I don’t generally have a problem with wearing a bit of fur or leather as I eat meat, but I do prefer if I can get the items second hand like with this coat, my boots and my leather jacket.

chunyi 2

(I apologise for the terrible image quality, the streetlights were very orange and irritating).





city 1

It was my dads 50th birthday the other day. He’s normally a very hard person to shop for but for some reason this year was the easiest it has ever been. We ventured down into the mens department of David Jones in the city and left a little while later with a thick dark grey Country Road scarf (~ $60) and an ink blue corduroy Sportscraft button up shirt (~$120), both items happened to be on sale which was a huge bonus. I think we were subconsciously inspired by the sales assistants down there, they are impeccably dressed. It’s actually insane, like Chuck and Nate in the early episodes of Gossip Girl – only more slick.

It was a really nice, chilly day to be out, the city was busy but not packed and for once we’d all managed to coordinate our schedules. I wore my Zara culottes ($40) and a black turtleneck and semi-heeled leather boots, and while Pema was grabbing a coffee we took a snap in this cool hidden alleyway.



I recently went shopping.
Despite winter being my favourite season by a mile, I’m surprisingly un-equipped for it clothes wise.
Below are pictures of some of the things I’ve bought! Both the cropped cream Zara shirt/jumper and sleeveless, breton shirt from Sportsgirl are really useful basics. Great for layering, and pretty inexpensive! I’ve already worn the jumper three out of the four days I’ve had it.
It is fairly thin material but I wouldn’t want it any thicker, as the bomber-type (except as a jumper, obv) shape of it would start to look too bulky.

Priceline was having a two day 40% off all cosmetics sale and I made some unexpected purchases.. everything I bought is something I’ve been wanting to buy/re-purchase lately though, sooo maybe it’s okay? Mm

As well as these items, I bought a light grey, long sleeved, incredibly soft shirt from the Kmart men’s department – $6 –  some patterned wide-leg culottes from Zara – $40 -, which are possibly the most comfortable thing I’ve ever owned (I’m wearing them in the next post) after the  aforementioned Kmart shirt, and a few party decorations for our house’s upcoming joint-birthdays party!
I decided on a pink, green and silver colour theme to co-ordinate with our eclectic little kitchen. I’ll post some pictures of that once we’ve set it up!

Savvy ~
Eyebrow kit $4.79*, Concealer stick in ‘darkest’ $2.39* (I bought to use as a cream contour).
Rimmel ~
Stay matte powder in ‘Silky Beige’ ~ $7.17*, Provocalips long-lasting lipstick in ‘730 Make your move’ $10.77*
Maybelline ~
Matte Lipstick in ‘665Lust for Blush’ $10.77*

**Sale prices



It was a freezing morning!!! We both left the house with thick jumpers and bare legs (regret), and were at uni by 8am – it was practically still dark. Uni has a Hogwart-ian feel in cold weather, which is great and oddly enough inspires study in me. I spent the first three hours of this morning in a contented state of essay writing and coffee-drinking in one of the uni cafes.

Unprepared as I often am, I left the house without any food today. I can’t seem to embrace the concept of buying meals when I’m out, so I struggled through my classes on two coffees and half of a carob bear. Has anybody tried those? I thought it tasted strangely like the way I would imagine moisturiser tastes, then I realised it contained cocoa butter. So there you go! It’s all natural ingredients and better for you than chocolate – but on the other hand, tastes kinda like face cream.