Last Thursday night Pema and I drank a few glasses of wine and took a swift uber to the Charles Hotel in North Perth. A friend of ours was performing in the Fresh Faced Follies Grad show with Sugar Blue Burlesque. The first burlesque show I’ve ever seen!

Islish* was really amazing in the slinky rendition of pink panther, I saw a whole new side of her (ha ha). Actually, all of the dancers were great and the MC was hilarious, successfully winding up the rowdy crowd. Such a fun night and on the train home we ran into my friend Will! Fuun.

I thought a fur coat would be appropriate for the occasion, this subtly striped number belongs to my housemate, she got it from an op shop a few years ago. I don’t generally have a problem with wearing a bit of fur or leather as I eat meat, but I do prefer if I can get the items second hand like with this coat, my boots and my leather jacket.

chunyi 2

(I apologise for the terrible image quality, the streetlights were very orange and irritating).