Ask anybody, and they’ll say that when something is stressful, a hundred more stressful things pop up at the same time. This is almost always the case for me. At the moment all of my assignments are coming up, I have seemingly constant emails and things to sort out, I’m working every night trying to save money for my trip and at the same time I seem to have the most expenses I’ve ever had, it’s not ideal.

I’m a pretty calm person as long as I’m in control but as soon as I lose that, shit hits the fan and I don’t even want to be around me. Apparently exercise is an outlet for stress but running is not something I’ve ever felt like putting myself through. What does work for me is a (surface) life cleanse.

How To

First things first, tidy your bed! It’s like with anything, if you can’t see yourself making progress, where is the incentive to keep going. Plus, when you feel like the piles of clean-dirty clothes and mouldy tea mugs (me) are overwhelming, just look at your nice clean bed. :’)

Change your sheets, the cover, your pillowcases and make sure they compliment each other. Picture it now: clean, fresh bedding. Evenly thrown with cleared bedside tables (yeah, clear those now).

Next step, sit on your bed (you can re-make that spot later). Pick up all the clothes from the floor next to your bed. Fold them, sort them and actually PUT THEM AWAY. Don’t do what I do and just leave them on your bed in piles until you get into it later and they all fall off.

Now you have a tidy bed AND floor, don’t stop. Clear your desk because this is crucial to any sort of productive mood. Take all those crusty bowls to the kitchen sink (to deal with later obv) and re-stack all the loose bits of paper on the side of the desk. You can put a neat book on top to make yourself feel better ( I did say surface cleanse).

Do the same thing with your chest-of-drawers, clothes rail and shoe pile. Now is not the time to start a total clean out of your wardrobe so don’t even think about it.

Now look around! Don’t you feel so much better? Light some atmospheric lamps and a scented candle, lie on your bed listening to nature sounds for an hour – and then write a comprehensive to-do list and get on with your life.