New food

Sometimes I think I’m so fickle. This manifests itself in different ways, but one way that it happens in my day to day life is where I tend to get really obsessed with an interest for a while and then one day I’ll just be totally into something else. As we can probably all see, a few months ago it was shopping. Buying things is such an addictive high and I could never stop at one purchase. It’s quite a good thing that lately I’ve moved on to something more financially feasible.

I’ve always really loved recipes and food. Eating it, reading about it, making it and watching other people make it. I will watch Nigella episodes for hours on end, I’m a loyal Masterchef viewer, Jamie Oliver’s foodtube, Heston’s feasts, fishing shows and ANYTHING with a christmas special. Baking used to be my thing, but that is just not a sustainable hobby – people are only willing to eat so many jam and cream scones.

Over the last few years though, and particularly since I’ve moved out and have been buying my own groceries and making my own meals, I’ve become fascinated by the flavour combinations of real food. And when I say ‘real food’, I mostly mean fresh ingredients, spices, whole grains, proteins, nuts & seeds etc. Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT a purist or a health fiend. I eat my fair share of chocolate, I still make cakes, my favourite food is probably lasagne and I definitely don’t lead a completely clean diet, I mean I work in a burger restaurant for Gods sake.

That said, I do maintain a pretty healthy diet and I know a bit about nutrition. I’m good at knocking up a meal from the sparse groceries that are usually in my house and people appear to like the food I cook. I’ve been looking into a concept I’ve been seeing a lot among health and fitness Youtubers this year; ‘Macrobiotic’, ‘Happy’ or ‘Buddha’ bowls. These bowls can be substantial meals and are designed to supply you with the food groups and nutrients that your body needs in a way that is proportionally correct. The ratio goes:

Leafy greans/root veg – 40-60%

Wholegrains – 20-30%

Proteins, sea veg, beans – 5-10%

(+ something fermented for gut health. e.g., sauerkraut or sugar free kimchi)

The great thing about these bowls is that they don’t have to be bland and flavourless and you have pretty much endless options for flavour combinations. I have designed a few that I intend to try out but this post is already so long that I think I’ll make another to tell you about them. I’ll leave you with some photos of the bowl I made for work tonight (to tempt me away from the hot chips…) it was honestly delicious! Even my cheese-loving sister said so.