It was a freezing morning!!! We both left the house with thick jumpers and bare legs (regret), and were at uni by 8am – it was practically still dark. Uni has a Hogwart-ian feel in cold weather, which is great and oddly enough inspires study in me. I spent the first three hours of this morning in a contented state of essay writing and coffee-drinking in one of the uni cafes.

Unprepared as I often am, I left the house without any food today. I can’t seem to embrace the concept of buying meals when I’m out, so I struggled through my classes on two coffees and half of a carob bear. Has anybody tried those? I thought it tasted strangely like the way I would imagine moisturiser tastes, then I realised it contained cocoa butter. So there you go! It’s all natural ingredients and better for you than chocolate – but on the other hand, tastes kinda like face cream.