I’m back!

I’m writing this post bleary-eyed at a library desk, feeling pretty groggy from an early morning lecture. I want to write it now though, because I need to get back to it if I’m ever going to write anything, and also because I don’t want to start my law readings yet.

Apologies for my absence, but I’ve been reorganising myself and my routine. I’ve shifted my habits around work, study, classes, exercise, food, friends and relaxation, and in the short space of time that I’ve been working on this, I’ve felt a big improvement in myself and my life! I’m less sluggish, more regulated and more motivated.

For so long I felt like I needed to do something to reboot myself and get my priorities in order but I didn’t have the motivation. The thing that finally made the difference was finding a source of inspiration. I’ve drawn this from vloggers & bloggers, podcasts and also from my own expectations of myself. To avoid an extremely long post right now and an overloaded yet compromised explanation of what I’ve been doing with all of this, I’m going to lay it out over a series of future posts so stay tuned if you wanna hear me talk about myself!!



P.s. I promise I’ll add some photographs to future posts so that you don’t have to wade through my writing without the relief of some visual candy